Upland Sling Black Solid

  • Protect the stock: Non-marring, non-permanent shotgun attachment; no drilling required

  • Safety: Muzzle position pointed up at all times

  • Universal fit: Non-slip shoulder sling adjusts to any size hunter or shotgun

  • Convenience: Shoulder strap clip for your e-collar remote

  • Made in the USA

The Upland Sling™ is the only zero-interference shotgun sling designed to fully support the weight of a shotgun without restricting movementallowing you to shoulder, swing, and shoot instantly.

Proper shouldering of the shotgun leads to reduced fatigue and an increase in accuracy. End the day with fewer missed shots and more birds in the bag.

The Upland Sling adjusts to fit any size hunter, type of shotgun, and won't interfere with your clothing or gear.

Hunt smarter not harder with the Upland Sling.

Reviews for Black Solid
4.8 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
Scott K from CO on Nov 24, 2014
The Upland Sling is awesome. It is easy to setup and use. I used the sling on opening day of Pheasant Season in Colorado. We walked plenty of fields and the sling was great. It definitely reduced my fatigue and never interfered with my swing. After the hunt, a few of the guys told me they wished they had a sling of their own. I look forward to using it on the many hunts to come. Thank you for a great product.
Richard from Kansas on Nov 24, 2014
The only sling that will work upland hunting! Could be a little wider with more padding, but it does work well. I would feel more comfortable in a group if everyone used one. It keeps your shotty in a correct safe carry. Will purchase more for Christmas presents.
Richard L from IA on Nov 06, 2014
I tried out my Zero Interference Upland Sling this past weekend during the pheasant opener in Iowa.  The sling definitely reduced arm fatigue and I had no trouble mounting my shotgun for shooting, no interference during shooting!  Initially I started out relying totally on the sling to carry the gun load, what I found was my shoulders tiring during the hunt.  What I found to work the best was to intermittently change or find a balance of carrying the gun and using the sling.  It’s a good product, I will continue to use it in my hunts this fall. 
Chad Collett from Minnesota on Nov 05, 2014
After hunting the opening weekend and handling my dog, I found that I was not comfortable with the constant one handed carry of my shotgun. Carrying the gun and checking my GPS collar to keep track of my pup in heavy cover required a lot of stopping or using a carry that was not ideal for safety. Now that I have the upland sling, I can securely hold my shotgun in a safe position with one hand, and operate the remote for my dog with the other. If you handle dogs in the field, especially in cover where you lose sight of them, I highly recommend the small investment in safety!
The sling let's me mount my gun without any issues and eliminates the various carry methods that take away a consistent reaction speed to flushing birds. Great product!
Anthony K from SD on Nov 02, 2014
i just returned from my annual south dakota pheasant trip. I was a skeptic at first when i purchased the sling. I did not like how there was no stop to prevent the buttstock from sliding to the rear. Lets just say that after using the sling i was exteremely impressed. Out of the seven days hunting i walked one cield without it and instantly regretted it. I am in love with the sling I only had two complaints. 1. I would like to see added to the sling if there was some sort of loop strap to secure the shotgun in a vertical position when stationary. The only other complaint that i had was i use a front loading game bag. The sling made it slightly akward to load birds from the gun side. All in all im very impressed. I might even try to use this on my rifles when deer hunting. Keep up the good work. I will reccomend this sling to any bird hunter out there
CW from NJ on Oct 18, 2014
Product is very well constructed. I was skeptical about how much it would restrict shouldering the gun, but it does not restrict it at all. It is as if the sling is not there when you go to shoulder it. In the past my arms and shoulders would be extremely sore after a day in the field, this should work wonders and make the day much more enjoyable. I would not hesitate to suggest this to others.
Dave from Ohio on Oct 17, 2014
Awesome! great investment!!! great for all kinds of hunting! If you need to disconnect it for thick underbrush travel 1 little snap and you're done!! Squirrel, Game birds, you name it, it's a great sling! Love it and Thank You!!!
Leonard Whitney from United States on Oct 13, 2014
Very comfortable, and no hangups when mounting the gun, works great. I have recommended it to other hunters
Cory from Colorado on Oct 13, 2014
The sling is great.At the end of the day my arms were not feeling like 100 lbs of mush. A must for anyone shooting a shotgun in the field or at the sporting clay range.
Jill Fries from Culver, MN on Sep 30, 2014
I ordered one of these slings for my teenage daughter. She LOVES it! Her arm would get so fatigued carrying her gun all day while grouse hunting. Now, it is nothing for her to go all day. She plans on using it sitting in the deer stand this fall also. I have a couple more hunters coming up through the ranks, and I am sure I will be purchasing more when it is their time to pick up a gun and follow dad through the grouse woods!! Great product!!
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