Women Upland Hunting

The Upland Sling for Women 

Whether you are a seasoned bird hunter or planning your first time in the field, the Upland Sling is an important piece of technical gear.

Women Hunting Gear - Hunting Shotgun Sling

The most common complaint from women who hunt is carrying the weight of a heavy shotgun. After a few hours in the field, that feeling of discomfort can change a fun day into a miserable experience.

Our patent-pending design alleviates any unnecessary pain by dispersing the weight of the shotgun from your arm to your skeletal muscles. This will improve your performance in the field, while also creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. It is fully adjustable to fit any size hunter.

We share your passion, and want you to spend more (comfortable) hours and days in the field doing what you love. Shop the Upland Sling collections