Upland Sling | How it Works

After a long day in the field, carrying the weight of a shotgun can really wear out your arms. The non-slip Upland Sling™ combats this issue by spreading the weight of the firearm across your body greatly increasing your comfort. The Upland Sling™ will not only improve your level of comfort but, by decreasing fatigue, it also improves shooting reaction times. 

Watch this 3-second video on how the Upland Sling works.



Day 1 - Your arms begin to ache impacting your ability to shoot. At the end of the day you are tired of holding your shotgun.

Day 2 - The shotgun feels heavy in your arms. You are constantly readjusting the shotgun to find a comfortable position. Shooting reaction time has dramatically decreased due to fatigue.

Day 3 - You pick up your shotgun, and immediately start to wonder if you'll make it through another day of hunting.

With the Upland Sling tired arms are a thing of the past. View the full collection of Upland Slings options.