Frequently Asked Questions

What size shotgun will the Upland Shotgun Sling fit?
The best part about the Upland Shotgun Sling is that the holster is designed for a one size fits all, with that in mind it can easily be used on every shotgun you own.  Or buy one for each, it's up to you!


Once I put the sling on the stock and adjusted it, is there extra length of webbing hanging down?

The holster includes extra length to fit the different designs of shotgun stocks.  We recommend that once you have adjusted the shotgun sling for fit you trim the straps to fit your specific gun leaving 2" of length so you are still able to fit the strap through the ladder lock.  Once the straps are cut simply take a lighter and melt the edge to prevent future fraying.

I'm a smaller or larger hunter will the shotgun sling fit me?
Yes, the upland shotgun sling was designed with all body sizes and shapes in mind.  We find that woman love the upland shotgun sling the most as they now find carrying a shotgun in the field or on the trap, skeet or sporting clay range to be an enjoyable experience vs a totally tiring one. 

This year I will be introducing a new younger hunter to the sport, will the Upland Sling work for them?
Absolutely, and we highly recommend it! We understand and love that shotgun shooting sports such as bird hunting, trap, skeet, and shooting sporting clays is introduced and passed down generation to generation.  We also understand that younger hunters are usually less muscular and tire quickly from carrying a heavier gun in the field for long periods of time. 
We had this in mind when we were developing the Upland Shotgun Sling.  Using the Upland Shotgun Sling will also allow them to focus fully on what they are doing with regards to safety as they won't need to be focusing on just the weight of the shotgun but instead will be able to focus on what is going on around them with dogs, others, birds, trucks, houses, etc

I am introducing a young hunter to the sport this year but he/she will be using a single shot will this work with the upland sling?
Yes, the sling is designed and works well with all shotgun types ie, SxS, O/U,  Pump, Autoloader, as well as different grip type such as prince of whales, english, and pistol grip shotguns.  The Upland Sling is the best hunting sling on the market and will make the day much more enjoyable for both new and experienced hunters.

I have dogs what is the best way to carry their collar remote?
When designing the upland shotgun sling, we had the same concern so we incorporated a clip attachment point on the shoulder of the sling allowing the remote to be carried high on the shoulder where it is easily reachable without having to search for it down at waist level.  Carrying high on the shoulder minimizes interference between the remote and your vest and it also keeps it our of grasses and surrounding terrain. We have found that people really prefer to carry it higher on the body once they have tried it.  Being on the shoulder allows you to see it in your peripheral vision so you don't need to take your eyes off the field or your dogs when activating or adjusting the remote.  Having it mounted in his locations also keeps everything mounted in a compact manner so items aren't swinging around as you're hunting.

Do you offer more material or color choices? 
We are always looking for new ideas on colors or materials.  If you have a request for a specific material or color, shoot us an email at and let us know.

I am interested in selling your product myself at my club, range, store, friends, etc.
Please contact us at for further information.