Shotgun Slings: Hypalon vs. Ballistic Nylon

We offer two different choices in the material for the stock pocket they are 1000D Nylon and Hypalon.

BALLISTIC NYLON - is an extremely tough and abrasion resistant material that will last for years.  It is not waterproof but dries quickly and can handle some serious abuse.  This material is typically found in military products, backpacks, and other gear and is a proven material made to last.

HYPALON - is our favorite material and the one we recommend if anyone is undecided about which one to choose.  The material was developed for white water river rafts and its wear and abrasion resistant qualities are unmatched.  The soft matte texture is very comfortable on the face and it is 100% waterproof.  If you put your gear to work and demand the most from it, hypalon is the clear winning choice for you and worth the couple extra bucks.