Tips and Tricks for the Texas Dove Hunting Novice

In Texas, bird hunting aficionados eagerly anticipate the months of September and December when Texas dove hunting season begins. Although this particular game is one of the simplest to hunt for wingshooters, especially in the Pearsall, Dilley, Uvalde and Hondo areas, rookie hunters may find the sport complicated at first. Thankfully, there are many ways to improve a hunter's chances of catching a dove or two.

Novice hunters often blast away at the target, which actually doesn't work very well. To hit the bird, hunters should remember to establish a lead as placing his attention on the easily visible body or tail can lead to misses. The hunter should focus on the target's eye or its front. The hunter's head should also be kept in a proper position down the stock to avoid shooting high.

Practice can improve a novice hunter's chances even further. Devoting time at a firing range helps, but it doesn't adequately imitate the conditions of hunting a small bird. Fortunately, skeet shooting offers a realistic dove hunt practice. Skeet shooting is a sport where participants shoot at clay disks flung in the air at high speeds. Some Texas dove hunting destinations offer the sport as part of a package as a way for their clients to practice.

Additional Advice

Aside from improving shooting skills, a rookie can improve at hunting doves by scouting the location and finding the best shooting position beforehand. A place where the sun is behind the hunter to avoid its glare is ideal. Decoys can also help ensure that doves alight at a chosen location. In a Texas bird hunting ranch, hunting guides can help hunters finds the right site.

Although experienced hunters going on a Texas dove hunting trip can choose not to use camouflage, rookie hunters may have trouble as any movement can startle the birds. To stay hidden in the South Texas grain fields where Whitewing and Mourning doves are abundant, wear light green or khaki hunting camo to match the color of the grain stalks, and avoid wearing anything that stands out as doves can see color.

In Texas, bird hunting usually starts in the morning when doves first take flight, and continues through the day. Bring warm clothes for chilly mornings, but since the September Texan sun can soon prove brutally hot, it's also important to brinty plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Through practice, understanding their game, and keeping the body in condition, rookie hunters can improve their shooting and enjoy a successful hunt.

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Monte Cruz Ranch is located in Uvalde, a city within the bountiful hunting grounds of the Golden Triangle of South Texas. Dove hunting is one of its specialties as its location offers access to the largest concentration of Whitewing and Mourning doves found in North America. The ranch also offers skeet shooting. It also offers other Texas bird hunting packages. For more information, visit or call 512-280-9990.

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