Make Your Own Hunting Dog Box With Owens Series Dog Boxes

By Jake Theron

If you've got a gnawer on your hands, taking the pup from one place-to-another in the car is not only a journey; it's a meal for the mutt. Two problems with a plastic pet container in this situation are you might experience a prison break-out. The other is that your pet's digestive tract may get messed-up, causing you to take a detour to the vet.

Heavy Metal

We don't think that piping-in some of the dulcet tones of Ozzy Osbourne into the cage is going to help. By heavy metal we mean something like the nearly indestructible Owens Series Dog Boxes.

Plan to spend about 1/2 of an hour putting it together, but you don't need a degree in advanced engineering to assemble the Owens Hunter Series Dog Box. It looks like someone who had a fairly good grasp of the English culture wrote it. You'll need a tool, not the entire shed. A screwdriver will fix you right up to connect A-to-B, etc.

You have one big decision to make when you're bringing all the pieces together for this model: How do you want the door to open? Mind you, this weighty canine box is perfect for a truck or an SUV. For those with a Yaris or a Chevy Volt, you'll probably want to consider The K-9 Transport Series box. Let's detail the two:

The Largest Pro Series

Fresh from their website, take a look at these stats:

• Overall Dimensions: 46"W x 45"D x 33"T
• Dog Compartment Dimensions: 23"W x 44"D x 23"T
• Storage Dimensions: 41" X 36" X 5".
• This box features rugged diamond tread aluminum construction, dual tall lined dog compartments with three striker holes per side, vented lockable slam latch doors with storm covers. Removable vent covers for striker holes are stored in convenient built-in external pocket. This is the perfect box for bear and cat hunting.

The K-9 Transport Series

This container should fit snugly in any medium-sized car as you'll see when looking at the breakdown:

• Overall Dimensions: 23"W x 45"D x 26"H
• Dog Compartment Dimensions: 23"W x 42.5"D x 24"H
• Storage Dimensions: No storage capabilities.
• The 55002 large single compartment K-9 Transport box is an excellent choice for Labs and larger breed dogs. It features a convenient take down construction for UPS shipping and easy off season storage. Comes complete with lined dog compartment for easy cleaning, oversized bar style front door and adjustable rear air vent for maximum air flow. Lockable aluminum T-Handle and rugged aluminum storm door cover are included. Assembly is required.

For whatever size vehicle you have, these boxes are built to handle either small pets or large gun dogs. One final note: When assembled, they look more like the Waldorf-Astoria of portable kennels, not like the Dew Drop Inn.

Jake Theron is an avid dog trainer and hunter who loves to give people his wisdom. He tends to spend most of his time nowadays either training his companions or fulfilling his need to spread his knowledge by writing for []Hunting Dog Supply.

Article Source: Owens Series Dog Boxes

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