Do you need a lightweight shotgun for upland hunting?

Year after year one of the most covered topics by the shotgun shooting world is the next best ultra light or feather weight shotguns for upland hunting. For many years, after long days in the field, I would spend hours researching lighter weight shotguns. Choosing the best gauge for hunting dove, pheasant, quail, duck or geese is a never ending debate and not a discussion I want to dive into. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides of the gauge debate so I'm sticking to the subject of weight.

So, what is the best lightweight shotgun? Do you need lighter weight shotgun? A typical shotgun weights in at 7.5-9.5 pounds. When bird hunting, the best way to carry a shotgun is in the ready position. This allows you to quickly swing and shoot flushing birds. Walking around all day with the weight of the gun in that position really tires the arms and adds tremendous tension to the upper body.  

Cue daydreaming about lightweight shotguns and more enjoyable hunting experiences. So why doesn't everyone use a traditional shoulder sling to make carrying easier? The biggest downfall of a traditional sling is that the gun position prevents you from being ready to shoot. We've all been there. The second you get tired and shift the gun to a cradle position or put it on your shoulder, you kick up birds. You quickly try to get the gun shouldered and aimed to send a couple of prayer shots at them as you watch them fly away. It is simple. Having the gun in the wrong position, equals less birds in the bag.   



The need to find a lighter shotgun is now over. The Upland Sling was made specifically for us, people that choose to spend countless days in the field in search of our game. The new patent pending design provides the load bearing support of a traditional sling but keeps the gun in a natural ready position, with your hand on the grip ready for the shot.

The zero interference sling alleviates a pain point that has plagued firearms hunters for years – arm fatigue. By increasing accessibility, comfort, and hunter safety, it is a significant advancement to the modern world of shotgun hunting. The sling features a non-permanent attachment design that requires no modification to your guns.  It's fully adjustable to fit any size man, woman, or youth hunter and is adjustable to accommodate layers of vests, packs, gear, or clothing. The sling also features a quick detachment point for when you need to climb a fence or set the shotgun down.

We appreciate the classic tradition of bird hunting, and hope to expand the appeal of the sport. We’re always looking for every advantage we can get to enjoy doing what we love. Time to dust off grandpa's 35 pound Browning and hit the fields with the support of the Upland Sling. Shop Now


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