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Hello and Welcome to Upland Sportsman™ home of the Upland Sling™


We wanted to drop in and introduce ourselves to you.  Upland Sportsman was established to bring new and innovative products to the modern bird hunter.  We are just like you, upland enthusiasts with a passion for hunting, bird dogs, training, and conservation of our most prized resource.  We have recently introduced the patent pending Upland Sling which will change the way you forever feel about carrying a shotgun in the field.  The sling was designed by serious hunters that were tired of the way they felt after carrying their shotgun all day but knew that going to a shoulder sling would not give them the freedom of movement and quick shooting capabilities they demanded. 
Now, you may be thinking that carrying a shotgun has never bothered you but we guarantee the Upland Sling will change the way you hunt for the rest of your life. Just because you don't feel achy, tired, sore, worn out, or are not aware of it, after carrying a gun all day your muscles are fatigued and this does cause you to miss shots on birds.  
Using the Upland Sling will keep you fresher, allow you to hunt longer, and we guarantee you will shoot better when you are using it.